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Betty and Ken From Canada

A Safari beyond all expectations Oct 2014 Kenya

When Nature's Wonderland creates a Safaris it is not just selling a packaged safari. Joseph Mwangi,President is very sensitive to the clients he will serve. Correspondence prior to any Safaris take in the total desires for the Safari. Although Safaris may look the same,NATURES WONDERLAND Makes sure that the actual tour is unique and tailored to the clients.

We have never had such prompt response to questions and/or suggestions for additions or changes to the itinerary. We were listened to and had a positive relationship prior to meeting.

Our Safari delivered far beyond our expectations. We listed over 400 new species of birds. We were able to visit specific habitats of seldom seen species and to ensure our spotting of these species Joseph engaged local birders who knew the exact location of the species. This expedited our spotting, while keeping us on schedule. Never once did we fail to find the bird.

At our groups request to include not only intense birding but also the animals of Kenya, cultural experiences and an encounter with school children each was provided again beyond our expectations.

Accommodations were more than first class, a variety giving a taste of the different areas. Joseph and his driver, John, were very professional and also very personable sharing information, friendly and fun. When the Safari concluded we left overwhelmed at such a birding and nature experience. We will continue to be in contact with Nature's Wonderland Safaris.

Any further opportunities we have for Africa Birding will be with Nature's Wonderland Safaris
Thank You, Joseph for giving our group the experience of a lifetime.

Betty and Ken From Canada

Betty and Ken From Canada

Our safari with Nature's Wonderland Safaris was, right from the beginning, full of adventure and surprises - all of which were outstanding. The safari was well-organized, and well-designed for our needs. It ran very smoothly. Joseph Mwangi, our Excellent Guide and Excellent Birder, sent us an itinerary outlining what we should expect to see, and where we would be staying. We travelled to a number of different areas of Kenya, all of which proved to be good wildlife viewing sites. The food and accommodations were very good, the leadership and expertise of our guide, Joseph, and our driver, John, were excellent. I highly recommend taking a safari with Nature's Wonderland Safaris.

Sheila Rogers From Canada

Betty and Ken From Canada

Hi Joseph

We want to thank you again for the wonderful trip. It was even better than we had hoped for. We are in in awe of your birding skills!

We got home last night after 2 long flights and lots of sitting around in the Zurich airport. The Nairobi airport had some shops and another Java House restaurant inside so our time there passed quickly. It is cold and snowy here!

Thanks again Joseph. We will do our best to get the word out for you that Nature's Wonderland is the choice for an amazing birding safari.

This is the safari they booked

Take care

John and Regina From USA

Betty and Ken From Canada

I never realized that a Safari in East Africa could be so hustle free. Joseph and his drivers went out of their way to make sure that everything worked smoothly and that everybody was able to see all the special birds. The Land Cruisers were in very good condition and all the accommodation was more than adequate. There is no doubt that Joseph is one of the best guides you can get and we managed to see what we set out to see. Our 17 day trip went so well so we already booked another one.

Teet Sirotkin, AviFauna, Sweden - Kenya 6-25 October 2013

Betty and Ken From Canada

Dear Joseph,
Now I have a little more time I would once again like to thank you for a very successful and enjoyable tour. The planning of the tour was first class, all the sites visited were very productive and each one different from the last. Hotels, food, transport and drivers etc. were all very good and of course your knowledge of the area and the birds was excellent as was your patience and friendly attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and I will certainly do my best to promote another similar tour in Nov 2014.

Overall I have no criticisms to make but would perhaps offer a suggestion where you maybe able to improve and that would be to have some form of two way radio so that the two vehicles can better stay in touch with each other. As for other members of the group, no one offered any complaints or suggestions for improvement, however I can tell you that Tony told me “This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life”, and that Derek said “All the tours he has been with Lanius Bird Tours have been 100% but this one was 110%”. I now have the difficult task of trying to remember it all to write the trip report; I may have to ask a few questions along the way, I hope you don’t mind.
Very Best Wishes,

Dave Read
Lanius Bird Tours
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Betty and Ken From Canada

Hi Joseph,
Just a note to wish yourself and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. I would like to thank you once again for arranging and guiding us on an excellent trip, certainly high amongst the best we have ever been on. We eventually ended the trip with around 620 species which is excellent.

I haven't forgotten and I am presently working on a trip report (couple of weeks or so to go) which will hopefully get you some business when I put it on a couple of web-sites. I will send you a copy first which if you so wish can be used on your web-site. Please thank Wilfred for his excellent driving, personality , help and wildlife finding. The web-site I mentioned for birdcalls is hope this is of some use to you

Kindest Regards,


Hi Joseph,
For birders seeking a single day or many days birding in and around Nairobi, Joseph and Natures Wonderland Safaris is a delight. Joseph is a "birder's" birder -- he knows where to go, he know the birds and how to find them, and he teaches and educates while at the same time making sure you know what your seeing. For those tired of animal safari experts who know nothing about birds, and who want to focus on birds while also learning about the local environment, call Joseph.

Peter H. Gleick, President, Pacific Institute [22 Years of Research for People and the Planet: 1987-2009] Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Dear Joseph,

We should like to thank you and the staff of Nature’s Wonderland safaris for the excellent organization of our holiday in Kenya. We had a wonderful time; the entire holiday was exactly as you had promised or even better. Our guide Simon was perfect: kind, intelligent, punctual, extremely knowledgeable on the parks and the wildlife, ready to answer all our questions. The parks were beautiful and we saw so many animals and birds; it was very exciting. We couldn’t have had a better holiday. We will certainly recommend your tour agency to all our friends.

We should also like to thank you for your kind reception in Nairobi – and for the last unforgettable meal at the Carnivore restaurant. Perfect.

Carol Peters Sunday, Italy

HI Adrian
I hope all is well with you and that you and Jaeger Tours are prospering. Unfortunately, I had to choose another group for my trip to South Africa and Kenya. But having just returned yesterday from that trip (forty-two days of birding with 23 days in Kenya), I wanted to share with you and Jaeger Tours a rare gemstone that you might profit with in Kenya. His name is Joseph Mwangi and his organization is Nature's Wonderland Safaris as in Joseph and his company was the local ground agent and transport service for us and we found him to be exceptional in his knowledge of Kenya birds. I think that he has been birding since he was able to walk and he not only knows all the birds of Kenya by call and "on the wing" but more importantly just where individual species can be found. His drivers are multi-lingual and have extensive knowledge Kenya and its history. While our regular company tour guide was very good, Joseph was extraordinary in helping me (as well as the rest of the group) to add, at least, an additional 50 -75 life birds which we would have surely missed without him. In addition, he was also able to help when the tour company's guide mis-identified a bird, as in the Cisticolas, the Larks, immature raptors and sub-specie differences. In short, not only does he have great eyes and ears, but he is a personable and friendly person and very considerate of his "charges" such as old farts like me. With kind regards, and looking forward to my next trip with you and Jaeger Tours.

William T. Tucker , Boston, USA

Hi Joseph,

Hope all is well with you. Below is the response I received from Adrian Binns. Well I tried for you. However, whenever the subject of Kenya comes up in my travels, I will recommend you.

Good Luck, and thank you again for doing such a great job. Eventually, I got close to my goal of 700+ birds for the trip. I actually got 679 new birds for both South Africa and Kenya, Tomorrow I will leave for Canada where I will get only one lifer, but in October I will go to Costa Rica, but there I hope to get about 100 as I have been there already.

That will still leave me with 320, so I will be going to Brazil in November-December in order to reach my goal of 1000 birds for this calendar year

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going for you.

Bill Mossey