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Hotels in Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Destination of all the amazing places you can visit.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is an integral part of the Laikipia-Samburu ecosystem. Was intended exclusively used for livestock, a turnaround is achieved in 1980, when the Sweetwaters Game Reserve was set. This area has become an important part of nature and wildlife protection and extremely successful in combining wildlife protection and animal husbandry. Ol Pejeta focuses on, among with the protection of black rhinos and the number has risen to 88. The wild concentration in the Sweetwaters Game Reserve is particularly high.

Accommodation in Ol Pejeta Conservancy:

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Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

/ per person
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is a traditional, very comfortable bush camp owned-managed by Alex and Diana Hunter of Insiders Africa,…
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Ol Pejeta House

/ per person
Ol Pejeta House is managed by the Serena Hotels and is set in extensive grounds, with glorious views of Mount…
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Pelican House

/ per person
Pelican House is a thatched upcountry cottage. It has an open plan living and dining room with a huge fireplace,…
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Porini Rhino Camp

/ per person
Porini Rhino Camp is in a secluded valley, on the banks of a seasonal river and under the shade of…
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Serena Mountain Lodge

/ per person
Serena Mountain Lodge offers the best of both worlds. You can summit the mountain or enjoy any one of the…
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